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PhD in Getting Stuff Done (GSD)

Joelle is a transformational leader. Her specialty is cultivating great go-to-market leaders (CEOs, Heads of sales, Heads of marketing), increasing sales and sales efficiency, building high performance revenue teams.

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Joelle is the catalyst for GTM leadership growth serving leading companies including Signifyd, Zuora, UCSF, nexhealth, Regie.ai and more. She was the first CMO of Bloomreach, Adify and WorkBoard and the long term executive go-to-market (GTM) leader at Dynamic Signal (CRO/CMO), Reactivity (Head of Marketing) and Firefly Networks (Product, Account Management). She has launched brands, created categories, build high-performance growth machines and nurtured thousands of revenue leaders.

Originally from New Jersey, Joelle studied and performed at the University of Michigan and Harvard Business School. She’s lived in Boston, New York City, and Sao Paulo and now resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, three kids (when they’re home), and their dog. Joelle is trained in the Art of Transformational Coaching, the Process Communication Model (PCM), and PQ Coaching (Positive Intelligence)

Joelle is a master facilitator and a dynamic, interactive, and entertaining speaker. She aims to help audiences face problems with enthusiasm, energy, and confidence. Her talks are ideal for audiences facing change and leading people through uncertainty. Combining her 25 years as a technology leader with her natural stage presence from fronting a rock band, Joelle cultivates transformational leaders, builds resilience and creativity, and listens with curiosity. 

Joelle has been a featured speaker on topics ranging from the Recipe for a Top Tier S&M Team, secrets to building a highly effective team, the future of digital engagement to the value of OKRs to accelerate growth.

Joelle will improve your game.


FirstMark Capital CRO Summit 2019
Recipe for a Top Tier S&M Team
New York, NY

W20 SXSW Healthcare Summit
Secret Weapon for Surviving the Coming Recession
Austin, TX

Wrike Summit 2018
Key Methodologies to Get the Most out of Your Teams
San Jose, CA

WSU Women in Entrepreneurial Leadership
Work and Balance Like a Ninja – Construcing a Career You Love that Fits Your Life
Pullman, WA


Why Series A & B?


Transformed my leadership and my life

Joelle is an outstanding coach and facilitator who efficiently and effectively transformed my life using the tools of Positive Intelligence in combination with her deep insight and decades of leadership experience. She helped me get out of my own way, allowing me to recover more quickly from setbacks and reframe them as gifts, reshaping me into the effective leader I’ve always wanted to become. 


M. Brodie, KFF COO

Rapid results from go-to-market coaching

Her coaching and hands-on approach to consulting really helped free me up to take care of my top priorities. Joelle’s no “BS’ feedback while


E. Martin, Archipelago Analytics

Energize growth of an existing, premium offering

Joelle’s superpower is her ability to bring disparate commercial teams across an organisation together, point them in the right direction, shepherd them where


G. Flood, May 25, 2022

End-to-end Go to Market Partner

Joelle is one of the best. She’s great at all the CMO stuff (branding, positioning, communications, PR, etc) but her partnership on the go-to-market


D. Johnson, March 2016

Makes teams successful

Joelle is the most the most effective executive I have ever worked for. She has a knack for getting things done and her number one goal was to set the team


Z. Hirsch, Feb 13, 2020

Customer centered CRO balancing accountability with EQ

Joelle is an incredibly effective CRO and operating executive. She understands the customer and the market better than anyone and is able


A. Cramer, Feb 1, 2020

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