PhD in Getting Stuff Done (GSD)

Joelle is a transformational leader. Her specialty is driving better results by improving teams and leaders. Her Curveball Method is used by leading companies throughout B2B Tech.

Joelle Kaufman: Architect of the Curveball Method

Joelle Kaufman developed the Curveball Method through 25 years of navigating high-stakes business challenges. This approach, born from personal adversity with cancer and honed in the tech industry’s fast-paced environment, equips leaders to transform unexpected challenges into opportunities.

As a seasoned go-to-market executive, Joelle has:
• Served as CMO/CRO for companies including Bloomreach, Adify, and WorkBoard
• Led category creation and revenue growth strategies for multiple startups
• Guided numerous teams through periods of significant change and uncertainty

The Curveball Method integrates neuroscience insights, leadership frameworks, and practical tools. It’s now implemented by leading tech companies, impacting over 150,000 professionals across various industries.

Joelle’s expertise spans:
• Developing high-performance Sales & Marketing teams
• Building resilience and adaptability in leadership
• Implementing effective OKRs for accelerated growth

With a background that includes Harvard Business School, training in transformational coaching, and experience as a public speaker (on topics ranging from the Recipe for a Top Tier S&M Team, secrets to building a highly effective team, the future of digital engagement to the value of OKRs to accelerate growth), Joelle brings a unique perspective to leadership development and organizational change.

Using Joelle’s approach, leaders and teams excel in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.


Why Series A & B?


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Focus on GTM from the start

A few months after founding and funding Parcha.ai, I engaged Joelle as my go-to-market (GTM) coach. Immediately, Joelle taught me how to use my prospect meetings to maximize learning and refine our product, target buyer, and value proposition. Joelle is an invaluable sounding board, confidant, and accountability partner. Inaddition to coaching me, she provides valuable feedback and hands-on recommendations for our go-to-market strategy, positioning, and buyer negotiations. I highly recommend that technical founders like me engage Joelle to accelerate their time to commercial success
AJ Asver, March 29, 2024


Transformed my leadership and my life

Joelle is an outstanding coach and facilitator who efficiently and effectively transformed my life using the tools of Positive Intelligence in combination with her deep insight and decades of leadership experience. She helped me get out of my way, allowing me to recover more quickly from setbacks and reframe them as gifts, reshaping me into the effective leader I’ve always wanted to become. 

M. Brodie, KFF COO


Swiftly translate insights to tangible action

Joelle, my executive coach, refined my skill set in cultivating and maintaining a growth mindset in a high-performance startup environment. She swiftly helped me identify my blind spots and translate insights into tangible actions.  I extended our collaboration to coach my leadership team. As part of this, we also rolled out the PQ Operating System as a team and benefited greatly from Joelle’s experience and feedback as we continued striving for excellence on our journey.

S. Nandzik, SVP Marketing (fmr), Signifyd


Rapid results from go-to-market coaching

Her coaching and hands-on approach to consulting really helped free me up to take care of my top priorities. Joelle’s no “BS’ feedback while caring deeply for the success of her clients is apparent in everything she does. If you are not working with Joelle, you are missing out!

E. Martin, Archipelago Analytics


Energize growth of an existing, premium offering

Joelle’s superpower is her ability to bring disparate commercial teams across an organisation together, point them in the right direction, shepherd them where they need to go (in double quick time) and make it stick!

I had the opportunity to experience this firsthand at AdRoll, where Joelle ran our Buyer Enablement project. I’ve seen the positive impact she had on people and business outcomes. Joelle has a bias for action. She moves quickly and with precision. She is focused and leads from the front.

In partnering with her to deliver our project I learned a lot and the company benefited immensely.


G. Flood, May 25, 2022


End-to-end Go to Market Partner

Joelle is one of the best. She’s great at all the CMO stuff (branding, positioning, communications, PR, etc) but her partnership on the go-to-market side has been best in class from my view….Buyer journeys, field marketing execution, executive sponsorship, data-driven decision making…I’d suggest that you strive for a chance to work with her.

D. Johnson, March 2016


Makes teams successful

Joelle is the most the most effective executive I have ever worked for. She has a knack for getting things done and her number one goal was to set the team up for success. She played a critical role is scaling our sales and marketing organizations and she was never afraid to be bold.

Z. Hirsch, Feb 13, 2020


Customer centered CRO balancing accountability with EQ

Joelle is an incredibly effective CRO and operating executive. She understands the customer and the market better than anyone and is able to translate those insights into clear simple messaging and strategy that a large sales team can go execute against. She is dead serious about holding her team accountable to the number, and expects constant improvement, but also she has a higher EQ than most leaders I have met.

A. Cramer, Feb 1, 2020


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