Need Product Market Fit? It’s all about Urgency

In the world of startups, product-market fit is key to success. It’s the process of matching a product or service with a target market that has an urgent need for it. And no one understands this better than Figma. This tech company had early success by targeting other start-ups. The urgency driver was almost alwaysContinue reading “Need Product Market Fit? It’s all about Urgency”

Key Trends in Category Creation

At Dynamic Signal, we created the employee engagement platform category with the help of Zoom Marketing. Through a research based approach including interviews and focus groups, Zoom Marketing has worked with many leading technology and biotechnology brands. Below, I outline some of the pros and cons to creating a category rather than disrupting one. AtContinue reading “Key Trends in Category Creation”

5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Getting Fired

It’s happened to the best of us. We go into work one day, and are called into a meeting with our boss. They tell us that we’ve been fired – it’s over, we’re done. For many people, this experience is devastating. It can leave them feeling ashamed, anxious and lost. Getting fired is an eventualityContinue reading “5 Tips for Making the Most Out of Getting Fired”

4 Founder Insights That Will Change Your Company’s Future

Ashutosh Garg talks and thinks remarkably fast. He understands complexity with ease and his drive to create is unstoppable. I had the pleasure of meeting Ashutosh when I interviewed to be the first Head of Marketing for Bloomreach – one of two unicorns Ashutosh has founded (, where he is the CEO, is the secondContinue reading “4 Founder Insights That Will Change Your Company’s Future”

Content Marketing from the Pulitzer Perspective

Content marketing is often the only truly unique, differentiated marketing deliverable. Marketing changes fast – as soon as a marketer figures out a channel, a message or an audience, technology has made it effortless for competitors to replicate it. While imitation is flattery, it also makes the job of breaking through the noise harder andContinue reading “Content Marketing from the Pulitzer Perspective”

The Growth Puzzle – Your company is missing its forecasts

Is your B2B company missing its forecasts? Is that derailing strategic planning, board meetings and fundraising? My colleague, Philippe Bouissou, applied his 4 alignment axis model to the question of forecast accuracy, marketing attribution and the role of revops. His answer is misunderstanding of revops, false specificity in attribution and misalignment. The misalignment is betweenContinue reading “The Growth Puzzle – Your company is missing its forecasts”

Four Things the Best Marketing Leaders Know about Sales

The most important partnership driving growth for B2B enterprises is the one between sales and marketing. Partnerships with Customer Success and Product are critical as well for a subscription business (SAAS for example).  But if sales and marketing do not align, the friction can torpedo a company’s growth trajectory. Part two of this series, I’mContinue reading “Four Things the Best Marketing Leaders Know about Sales”