7 weeks to more strength and peace while fighting cancer

Positive Intelligence

My Positive Intelligence journey started concurrently with chemotherapy and immunotherapy for Triple Negative breast cancer. You can read my story here.

With the uncertainty and roller coaster of diagnosis, treatment, and living with cancer, Positive Intelligence gave me a firmer sense of direction, eased my anxiety and allowed me to be more empathetic to myself and others while recognizing the gifts in this journey.

It is clear than others on a cancer journey would benefit from Positive Intelligence.

Positive Intelligence is a neuroscience based program that develops three core mental fitness muscles:

  1. Strengthening self-command
  2. Recognizing and intercepting your saboteurs
  3. Building strong sage powers

Everyone’s journey is different and there is no substitute for a care team with mental health professionals.

If you are currently starting or in treatment for cancer, please see if there is a 7-week positive intelligence group starting that fits your schedule. (Need Link)

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