Content marketing is often the only truly unique, differentiated marketing deliverable. Marketing changes fast – as soon as a marketer figures out a channel, a message or an audience, technology has made it effortless for competitors to replicate it. While imitation is flattery, it also makes the job of breaking through the noise harder and harder.

Except with great content. Not good content. Not above average content. I’m talking about great content. The type of content that you want to immediately copy the link and share with people (not because they asked you to but because it’s that good). The type of content that teaches you something without you realizing you were learning. And I’ve had the honor of working with multiple Pulitzer Prize winning and nominated journalists who became content marketers. Mark Emmons is one of those gems and his medium post of what every content marketer should know is the latest addition to my required reading list for new team members.

The Accidental Content Marketer