At Dynamic Signal, we created the employee engagement platform category with the help of Zoom Marketing. Through a research based approach including interviews and focus groups, Zoom Marketing has worked with many leading technology and biotechnology brands. Below, I outline some of the pros and cons to creating a category rather than disrupting one. At Bloomreach, we started with Category Creation, but the company thrived when it pivoted to Category Disruption. Adify, Firefly, Dynamic Signal and WorkBoard are all category creators. Unquestionably, every company needs a clear and differentiated positioning statement. Zoom Marketing shared the trends and leading companies they’ve seen in 2022 and it’s worth the quick read.

Category Creation– Defined to your differentiated strengths
– Category winners capture most of the value
– Narrative is one you control
– Buyers don’t know what budget to use to buy you
– Slower sales cycles (unless a disruptive GTM)
– Very evangelical – lots of teaching
Category Disruption– Existing buyer
– Existing budget
– Press & analysts are “familiar”
– There are RFPs and purchase cycles already

– Existing vendors define capabilities
– Need an innovator’s dilemma disruptive offering (underserved market segment)