Sales teams are challenged. According to the Lightspeed 2023 Sales Benchmark Report sales reps’ quota attainment has been declining annually since 2021. Companies are experiencing decreased win rates, and sales cycles have increased. In addition, market conditions are tough for tech companies, which means revenue leaders need new ways to motivate, retain, and inspire their sellers. In this blog post, we will discuss why revenue leaders must rethink how they build the resilience, flexibility, and energy of their people to meet these new challenges.

Invest in Sales Mental Fitness

One way to build the resilience, flexibility, and energy of sales teams is by investing in science-based mental fitness. No one expects to be fit without exercising regularly. Expecting to deal with any challenge without investing in mental fitness is equally ridiculous. Sellers face more rejection, objections and challenges than ever before – and the most mentally fit sellers see these obstacles as opportunities to be creative, grow and collaborate. By investing in mental fitness, revenue leaders can help their sellers adapt more effectively to change.

Prioritize Sales Coaching

Practical and valuable feedback from sales coaches can help reps build confidence, develop their skills, and improve performance. Conscious coaching communication should start with the seller’s state of mind and reactions to prospect and customer engagements. Then, explain the logic behind sales strategies and improve the versatility of sales reps to chose the best approach. Prioritize sales coaching as part of the overall enablement program by providing reps with continuous personalized feedback.

Encourage Collaboration and Communication

Sales teams must be able to work together to meet the demands of their job. Sellers also have to collaborate with their prospects and make it easier for prospects to traverse the buying journey. Communication is critical – and realizing that people respond to the way your communication makes them feel (the PQ channel) more than the data you actually share. Revenue leaders can encourage sellers to work together, provide opportunities for cross-functional collaboration, and create an environment where we are in this together to solve problems for our prospects, customers and colleagues.

Leverage Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) can help sales reps become more efficient and effective sellers. Analyzing data can help revenue leaders identify areas where sales reps might need support, further coaching, or additional training, and where the company can improve as a whole. Leveraging AI can help reps be proactive in suggesting next steps, handling leads, and anticipating future customer needs.

Create a Positive Growth Mindset

Revenue leaders should aim to create a culture of continuous learning within their sales teams. While Revenue leaders could leave this up to the individual or sales manager, it is easier to stay on track and expedite mental fitness if the revenue team is training together. Using a structured program that requires minimal time every day and facilitates clear results quickly will lead to personal commitments to mental fitness. Positive Intelligence PQ Powered Sales is the proven program to strengthen mental fitness and apply that mental fitness to revenue generation.


In today’s rapidly changing business environment, revenue leaders must explore new ways to motivate, inspire and retain their sellers. Investing in their team’s mental fitness, prioritizing coaching, encouraging collaboration and communication, leveraging data analytics and AI, and creating a culture of learning all help to build resilience, flexibility, and energy in their teams. To remain competitive in a challenging market where sales cycles are increasing, and win rates are declining, it is essential to change the way the sales team thinks and acts. Thinking outside of the “improve execution” playbook to building the human factor that weathers business challenges. By doing these things, revenue leaders can equip their sales sellers to meet the demands of the future.

Understanding Positive Intelligence (PQ)

Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a research-derived platform for individuals to learn how to respond to life’s challenges and problems more effectively and more easily. It unlocks people from getting stuck in negative patterns of thinking by building three core mental muscles. This shift in perspective can have profound effects on productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. 

In about 15 minutes per day for seven weeks, PQ Foundations develops the key mental muscles for Positive Intelligence. These three muscles, saboteur interception, self-command, and sage power, give sellers clarity, focus and energy to experience significantly less seller drag. Following the PQ Foundations module with the PQ Powered Sales advanced module creates sustainable impact on sales teams and the businesses that depend on them.

PQ impacts revenues

  • 14% increase in sales revenue per sales executive
  • 22% increase in deal size within 18 months
  • 5% decrease in sales cycle length

*Independently verified by ROI institute


PQ impacts people

  • 91% manage Stress better
  • 90% use energy more effectively
  • 84% better at conflict management

*Survey feedback from 1,000,000 participants