How to Create Effective Accountability

How do you hold people accountable to repeatably deliver business results? Every sales and marketing team I’ve led is characterized ...
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Interrogate Your Pipeline; Coach Your People

During pipeline reviews, it’s not enough to perform a brief circuit around the room and ask each seller about their ...
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Chief Revenue Officer

Savants vs Students: How to Hire a Great Chief Revenue Officer

Companies are increasingly organizing with a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) role, recognizing that someone should be responsible for every aspect ...
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Elephant on the savannah

Win More Easily – Stop Drowning Customers in Complexity

In go-to-market messaging, complexity is bad. During a sales meeting, the statement “our product is complex'' should raise red flags ...
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Helping hands

Alignment is a Verb – The Most Important Work for Leaders

Alignment is the most important work of leaders. The moment when a team is aligned, all its members work in ...
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GTM Flow: How to Turbo-Charge Sales and Marketing

For enterprise subscription businesses, go-to-market flow is the paragon of operational efficiency. When you achieve it, every part of the ...
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How to Create Agile Sales and Marketing teams

Business wants everything to be agile. Agile marketing. Agile development. Every leader want to create agile sales and marketing teams ...
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How to hire a CMO that lasts

With an average tenure of only 18 months, the Chief Marketing Officer is the most difficult executive role to fill ...
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