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We accelerate your performance through strategy, focus, and execution excellence.

Teams are the molecular building blocks of modern life.  Over 80% of what we accomplish is achieved with a team while less than 25% of work-related teams are considered highly effective. It’s not about “teamwork” it’s about making teams work. 


When go-to-market (sales, marketing, customer success) isn’t predictably producing, your company flounders. GTM Flow combines extensive practical experience, execution know-how, and capacity building to unlock the full potential of your business.

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Creating championship teams requires work on both the group itself (how we play together) and each individual (the players).

For example, if you have a great water polo team and a winning set of plays but if your center forward has a recurring shoulder injury, you need to rehab and re-strengthen that center forward in order for the team to execute the plays.

It’s no different for the teams that make up your organization.

The opportunities and issues facing every individual, team and organization are unique.  During our initial conversations, we’ll explore and prioritize what you want to accomplish and determine how to customize the right package from GTM Flow to get you there most efficiently.

Making teams work has been my life’s focus – since my undergraduate days in Organizational Studies at the University of Michigan. When you engage GTM Flow, you will be immersed in my model for more happiness, more success and more accountability in your life and work.

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Interested in increasing flow in your life? For your team? For your organization? That’s what we love to do. We offer 3-6-12 month packages and each package is customized to your unique objectives and goals. Our packages demonstrate the components, structure and reach of your engagement with GTM Flow.  Each element within the package is bespoke to you.

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